Tree Planting at Bearcat Hollow

Photo submitted by Jamie Hedges on 3/18/2013.

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On February 23, 57 people (including a group from Ozarks) braved the cold temperatures to help with the US Forest Service Bearcat Hollow Restoration project. The Forest Service is partnering with other agencies and organizations to manage this 38,000 acre area in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, including the 15,000 acre+ wildlife emphasis area.

A note from Wayne Shewmake, President of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation:

We had a great time this past weekend on Bearcat Hollow planting native plum trees for wildlife. It was a very cold start of the day, 22 F with lots of ice on the trees, but it warmed up to about 38 F during the day. We had about 57 people show up to help us. Some of the brave ones from University of Ozarks, camped out Friday night, most of us got there about 8 am Saturday morning. Started out with a big hot breakfast for everyone, and divided up into 3 groups to go on to the fields to plant 1,500 Chickasaw and American Plum tree seedlings. With all of the great help and support it didn't take long to get the job done, we were back to camp for lunch about noon, and the cooks had a great dinner fixed, chicken and beef steaks foilpacs, hot chili, and soup.

AWF appreciates the help and support of the students from ATU and University of the Ozarks, we couldn't have done it without your help and support. Also thanks to National Forest Foundation, Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, U S Forest Service and AGFC for your help and support.

Thanks to all of those that came to support conservation for wildlife.

Wayne Shewmake
President, Arkansas Wildlife Federation

And from Jerry Crowe, an AWF Board Member:

Gayne, I can't say enough good things about the college students, Tech and Clarksville, that show for these work sessions. The students have a great attitude and seem to really enjoy helping. Also all the work Wayne and Lola do organizing.

Jerry Crowe

More photos from the weekend can be found in the the Ozarks Outdoors Planet Club @Bearcat SP13 album.

To learn more about the project, see the information about the Bearcat Hollow Restoration Project on the US Forest Service website.