Happy Birthday, Ozarks!

Photos by Steve Edmisten. Submitted on 10/28/2009.

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On October 28, 1834, a group of Cumberland Presbyterians met at Cane Hill, Arkansas, to talk about establishing a school in their community. 175 years later to the day, Steve Edmisten, Executive Vice President of that school (now known as University of the Ozarks), visited the Cane Hill community and took this photo of the marker commemorating the founding of the school.

During Robert McGee King’s tenure as superintendent of Cane Hill School, a bell from a sunken steamboat was acquired for the college. The college was burned during the Civil War, and the bell cracked. However, when the school reopened after the war, the bell was re-cast, and on its return, it was placed in a free-standing belfry that still stands beside the college building.

In 1885, an arsonist destroyed the college building, but it was replaced by a two-story brick building that still stands on the college property. Cane Hill Museum is located on the second floor and contains many artifacts from the area.

There will be an open house at the museum on December 5th from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The building and museum staff will be dressed in 1860's style. For more information, contact Doris Kiple at 479-824-2061.