Governor Beebe Visits Ozarks Campus

Release Date: 3/14/2008

Clarksville, Ark. -- Governor Mike Beebe honored the University of the Ozarks campus with a visit last Tuesday, March 11th, organized by the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda. Governor Beebe addressed the topic of ‘higher education' to students, faculty, and staff at the Raymond Munger Memorial Chapel of the University.

Arriving early in the morning, Governor Beebe was welcomed to the Ozarks campus and he was taken on a tour through the facilities. Dr. Rick Niece, University of the Ozarks President, as well as Dr. Robert Hilton, Chair of the BCG division, Ms. Judith Lopez, President of the Epsilon Psi Chapter, and several other faculty members accompanied the Governor and allowed him to experience the "liberal arts" spirit of the campus.

After the tour, the Governor was received by a crowd of over 200 attendees who were waiting to hear his speech. The motivational nature of the message as well as his perspective on the importance of education as the governor of Arkansas captivated the audience for over 50 minutes. Following came a period of Q&A where questions of educational, political, and even humorous nature were presented by students, faculty, and staff.

Governor Beebe is welcomed by students as he enters Munger Chapel.

Governor Beebe is welcomed by students as he enters Raymond Munger Memorial Chapel.

"The strong persona of the Governor as well as his insightful comments made this visit very worth while and special," said Raquel Daboub, PBL Officer. "It was not just because he is the Governor, but because he had an open and interesting point of view," she said.

The Governor accompanied several members of the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda as well as President Rick Niece and other faculty and staff to eat lunch after his speech.

Story by Daniela Bermudez Gardea, Ozarks PBL