2nd Annual Science Day at Ozarks a Success

Release Date: 11/19/2007

Clarksville, Ark. -- 93 high school students and 11 teachers participated in the Second Annual Science Day at the University of Ozarks on Wednesday, November 14.

A total of eight area high schools (Clarksville, Lamar, Westside, Paris, Scranton, Kingston, Oark and County Line) were in attendance for the one day event.

Paris High School earned first place in the school competition while Paris senior Thomas Kiefer was awarded the T.L. Smith Biology Scholarship to attend Ozarks.

A complete list of the awards can be viewed below.  A photo gallery from the event can be viewed by clicking here.

Science Day 2007 Prize Layout and Winners

1st – Biology, General Physics, and Chemistry Books, and OBS T-shirt- Jennifer Hula (Clarksville)
2nd – Large Ozarks blanket- Jacob Rainey (Clarksville)
3rd – Ozarks t-shirt with hat combo- Tim Jarmon (Oark)

1st – Biology text book and OBS T-shirt- Gaby Warren (Lamar)
2nd – Ozarks hoodie- Tyler Koch (Scranton)
3rd – Ozarks blanket- Sarah Siebenmorgan (Scranton)

1st – Chemistry text book with solutions manual and OBS T-shirt- Carly Young (Paris)
2nd – Ozarks hoodie- Nathan Reynolds (Kingston)
3rd – Ozarks long sleeve t-shirt- Nathan Vandeveer (Clarksville)

1st – College Physics text book and OBS T-shirt- Rachel Cousins (Kingston)
2nd – Ozarks blanket- Tim Jarmon (Oark)
3rd – Ozarks t-shirt- Thomas Kiefer (Paris)

Teacher (Door prize)
- Ozarks blanket- Heath Spillers (Clarksville)

Additional Items:
- Certificates for all winners

Overall Award High Schools:
1st Place Trophy- Paris High School
2nd Place Trophy- Clarksville High School
3rd Place Trophy- Lamar High School

T.L. Smith Biology Scholarship: Thomas Kiefer (Paris)