Weddings in the Chapel

Chapel Interior

The University of the Ozarks is proud of its Presbyterian heritage and its fine chapel facilities. The Munger-Wilson Memorial Chapel is available for use by individuals or groups under the following guidelines:

  1. Priority in the Chapel's use will be given to functions which are a part of the program of the University.
  2. Activities held in the Chapel must be consistent with the aims and purposes of the University of the Ozarks. (The aims and purposes are found in the University catalog.)
  3. Reservations must be made with the Chapel Reservations Coordinator, Glenda Gibson. You may request a reservation using our online Facility Request Form, or you may contact Glenda by phone at 479-979-1322 or via email to
  4. Reservation dates will not be scheduled until full fee and deposit is received according to the fee schedule shown below. All reservations should be made at least one month in advance.
  5. The person reserving the Chapel shall contact the Reservations Coordinator within one week of the event to reaffirm times and procedures needed.
  6. The person reserving the Chapel shall be responsible for the conduct of the group using the building and for the care of the building.
  7. A cleaning deposit is a required part of the fee schedule. This fee will be refunded upon approval of the University Housekeeping Staff and upon keeping with these guidelines.
  8. No receptions may be held in the Chapel. Arrangements may be made with the Food Service Director (Aramark) at the Seay Student Center, across from the Chapel, at 479-754-3140.
  9. Use of biodegradable material, such as birdseed, shall be confined to the front lawn and may not be thrown inside the Chapel or on the front steps. Rice, paper confetti, or any non-biodegradable material shall not be thrown at weddings.
  10. The furnishings in the Chapel Sanctuary shall not be rearranged unless permission is secured from the University Chaplain. Under NO circumstances may the paraments and banners in the sanctuary be removed.
  11. There will be NO personal sound equipment, such as speakers, microphones, tape players, instruments, etc., allowed in the Sanctuary, unless permission is secured from the University Chaplain. The existing sound equipment is to be operated by someone in your party, instructions will be provided.
  12. There shall be NO tape, nails, adhesives, sticky tack, etc. used to hang items inside the Chapel on either the pews or the walls as they will damage these areas.
  13. All decorations (flowers, candles, etc.) must be removed by 10 p.m. the day of the wedding.


Fees for the University of the Ozarks/Members of the Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and current students:

Chapel Sanctuary$200.00
Cleaning Deposit$150.00

Fees for those who are not directly connected with the University of the Ozarks.

Chapel Sanctuary$400.00
Cleaning Deposit$250.00

Fee for the University Organist is $150.00.  Use of the University Organist is optional. However, any other organist must be approved by the University Organist in advance.

Honorarium for the University Chaplain to officiate the service is $150.00.  A guest pastor or priest may be invited to officiate.  However, any other officiant must be approved by the Chaplain at least one month in advance.

In cases of cancellation a $25.00 administrative fee is non-refundable.