KUOZ Streaming Help

KUOZ 100.5FM LP streams live through a locally hosted ShoutCast server. The stream can be accessed in a locally installed media player at the following URLs:

For iTunes: http://kuozradio.ozarks.edu:8000

For Windows Media Player: http://www.ozarks.edu/includes/scripts/kuoz.asx

The "Listen Live" link on this page should allow you to open the live stream in your web browser. However, be aware that the link has only been tested in IE 7, IE 8, Opera 11.60, and Google Chrome 16.0.912.75m. The link will not work in the FireFox or Safari browsers, and may not play in a supported browser if the Windows Media Player plugin isn't properly installed.

When is the KUOZ live stream available?

  1. KUOZ makes the live stream available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. However, should the ShoutCast server experience problems, or in the event of network issues, the stream may not be unavailable. University of the Ozarks makes no warranty that the stream will be available at any given time.
  2. If you are unable to access the live stream, send an email message to Susan Edens, Ozarks' Director of Broadcasting (sedens@ozarks.edu). Please note that weekend or evening outages may not be resolved until the next business day.

The live stream won't play in my browser

The KUOZ broadcast is streamed using Windows Media Player. You must have the Windows Media Player plugin for your browser installed in order to listen to the broadcast.

Please note: The KUOZ live stream is not currently available for the FireFox or Safari browsers. If you use one of these browsers, you will need to access the stream through one of the supported browsers, or open the stream directly in a media player program installed locally on your machine (see instructions below).

How do I add the live stream to iTunes

To add the KUOZ live stream to your iTunes application:

  1. Open your iTunes application.
  2. Click "Advanced" from the application menu.
  3. Click "Open Stream" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the URL for the KUOZ live stream (http://kuozradio.ozarks.edu:8000)

    Adding the KUOZ stream to iTunes.

  5. Click "Ok." The stream should appear as "Internet Songs" in your iTunes Playlists.

How do I add the KUOZ live stream to Windows Media Player 11?

To add the KUOZ live stream to Windows Media Player:

  1. Open Windows Media Player 11.
  2. Switch to the "Library" view.
  3. Create a new playlist.
  4. Open the URL for the live stream:
    1. From the Windows Media Player menu, choose File > Open URL.
    2. Enter the URL http://www.ozarks.edu/includes/scripts/kuoz.asx into the dialog box and click "Ok."

      Open the KUOZ live stream URL in Windows Media Player.
  5. Highlight "Now Playing" in the left column of Windows Media Player. You should see the title "Live Streaming from KUOZ 100.5FM LP" in the now playing list.
  6. Drag the KUOZ title from the now playing list and drop it on your newly created playlist.

    Drop the KUOZ stream onto your playlist.

Each time you open Windows Media Player you can now access the live stream by opening this playlist.