KUOZ 100.5FM LP Personnel

KUOZ provides a wide array of programming of every sort, including music, news, and original student programming. These are the people who make it all happen:

Susan Edens, Director of Broadcasting

Susan Edens
Director of Broadcasting

M.A., Arkansas Tech University
B.A., University of the Ozarks

Office: Walker Hall
Phone: 479-979-1450
E-mail: sedens@ozarks.edu

Susan Edens earned her BA degree in Communications from University of the Ozarks in 1992. After working for several years as an AP award-winning radio journalist in Fort Smith, she returned to Ozarks in 1998 as Admissions Counselor. In 2001, she transitioned into a professional staff position with the university's communications department, and in 2007, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Multimedia Arts in Journalism and took on the role of Director of Broadcasting at Ozarks.

Kourtney Risher, Student Manager

Kourtney Risher
KUOZ Student Manager

Malisa Mat Sani, Assistant Student Manager and On-Air Personality.

Malisa Mat Sani
KUOZ Assistant Student Manager and On-Air Personality

My name is Malisa Mat Sani. I am a senior majoring in RTV and minoring in Music. My main responsibilities in the radio station are generating the radio logs (schedule), making sure that everything running smoothly. Also, I assist the radio manager if he needs help. Then I also go on air and DJ or voice track for about an hour or so, just talking about random events and such.

Corey Snyder, Sports Director and On-Air Personality.

Corey Snyder
KUOZ Sports Director and On-Air Personality

Bill Eldridge, On-Air Personality

Bill Eldridge
a.k.a. "Your Favorite Geek In the Morning"
KUOZ On-Air Personality

As the spring semester gets underway, KUOZ will have new faces to add, so check back again!