Ozarks Radio: KUOZ 100.5FM LP

In May 2013, University of Ozarks radio station KUOZ 100.5FM LP celebrated ten years on the air! For over a decade, this station has provided the campus and community with a wide array of programming of every sort, everything from music (jazz, big band, rock, country, and gospel, plus more) to news, as well as original student programming.

Campus Radio

Volunteers, primarily students, have been doing their own shows since the station went up on the air. They start out on a DJ shift that is recorded, creating music or information-driven shows. Those who want to continue exploring the world of radio may later advance to live work. Even individuals who don't want to host a daily or weekly program can have their work broadcast on campus radio.

In addition to broadcasting the traditional AM/FM signal, many radio stations now stream their content online, and KUOZ has taken the first steps to test that capability. The live stream is available through:


Members of the Ozarks community who are interested in doing their own radio show should contact Susan Edens, Ozarks' director of broadcasting, at sedens@ozarks.edu or (479) 979-1450. Listen for the local campus talent on the air!