Campus TV & Radio

Ozarks students have produced numerous programs for broadcast on our campus radio and television stations. For more information about Radio/Television studies at Ozarks, send an email to Susan Edens, Director of Broadcasting. 


KUOZ CHANNEL 6 is the Educational Access channel on the Cox Communication cable system serving the community of Clarksville. The university operates the channel and selects most of the programming. Students enrolled in the Beginning Television News Practicum, Intermediate Video Practicum, and Advanced Video Practicum produce original programs such as news, sports, and entertainment shows that air either live or on tape on channel 6.

KUOZ Channel 6 subscribes to CNN Newsource.

KUOZ 100.5 FM

KUOZ 100.5 FM is an FCC licensed low-power radio station that serves the campus and community with a wide variety of musical and informational programming. Students enrolled in the Radio Practicum have individual air shifts as "Outback Guides" and produce stories, documentaries, and shows.

KUOZ 100.5 FM subscribes to the three main copyright societies; SESAC, ASCAP, and BMI.  The station also receives news feeds from the Associated Press.

Learn more about KUOZ 100.5FM LP.