Soccer Moms

by Kathleen Clark
Soccer MomsOctober 9 and 10, 2009

Soccer Moms was the University Theatre entry to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF), a national theater education program which aims to identify and promote quality in college-level theater production. The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival is sponsored in part by the Kennedy Center Corporate Fund, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Committee for the Performing Arts, and the Dr. Gerald and Paula McNichols Foundation.

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Production Team

Director: Pat Farmer
Production Designer: Bruce B. Brown
Makeup: Jenava Moreau
Graphic Designer: Catalina Ruiz-Salazar
Stage Manager: Philip T. Perez
Sound Designer: Bruce B. Brown


Lynn - Kalea Bennett
Alison - Kelsi Ward
Nancy - Rebecca Arnold


Technical Director - Bruce B. Brown
Assistant Stage Manager - Lindsey Humphries
Light Board Operator - Justin Hughes
Sound Board Operator - Clayton Becker
Wardrobe Crew - Jenava Moreau, Brigitte Bridoux, Logan Boone, Jacqueline Jade Jurcik
Props Crew Chief - Lindsey Humphries
Props Run Crew - Houston Hall
Electrics Run Crew - Martin Morales, Andrew Heim, Trey Scott
Stage Crew Chief - Stephen Kennedy
Stage Crew - Elizabeth Malcom, Tori Ann Rhein, Houston Hall, Andrew Heim
House Manager - Angela Butson
Box Office Manager - Holly McPherson
Soccer Coaches - Andrew Heim, Clayton Becker, Trey Scott


Soccer Moms was produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, INC