A Picasso

A Picassoby Jeffrey Hatcher
April 15 and 16, 2009

A Picasso is a taught 70 minute drama set during the Nazi occupation of Paris in 1941. Artist Pablo Picasso is summoned to a basement to authenticate three of his paintings.  His interview with the female official of the German Ministry of Culture paints an evening full of surprises.

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Production Team

Director - Pat Farmer
Stage Manager - Lindsey Humphries
Scenic Design - Jenava Moreau
Lighting Design - Phillip T. Perez
Costume Design - Jacqueline Jade Jurcik
Graphic Design - Bruce B. Brown
Sound Design - Trey Scott
Lobby Design - Rebecca Arnold


Pablo Picasso - Stephen Kennedy
Miss Fischer - Brigitte B. Bridoux


Technical Director - Bruce B. Brown
Asst. Stage Manager - Logan Boone
Light Board Operator - Clayton Becker
Sound Board Operator - Trey Scott
Box Office Manager - Jenava Moreau
House Manager - Phillip T. Perez
Ushers - Lissa Malcom, Rebecca Arnold, Houston Hall
Electric Crew - Martin Morales, Catalina Ruiz, Kalea Bennett
Stage Crew - Holly McPherson, Tori Rhein
Wardrobe Crew - Jacqueline Jade Jurcik, Justin Hughes