The Mousetrap

University Theatre closed its 2007-2008 Season with a production of the world’s longest running play, Agatha Christie’s murder mystery, The Mousetrap. The play opened in London in 1952 and is still playing to enthusiastic audiences.

A classic English whodunit, The Mousetrap features all the conventions of the genre: archetypal characters, an isolated manor house, an incisive detective, clues galore, red herrings, and a surprise ending.

Dame Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976) is the best selling mystery writer of all time with over 2 billion books sold. Her 80 novels and short story collections, her 16 plays, and the innumerable motion picture and television adaptations of her works made her an international celebrity. Her detectives Miss Jane Marple and the Belgian Hecule Poirot are known and loved the world over.

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Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap'

Director: Pat Farmer
Set Designer and Technical Director: Bruce B. Brown
Lighting Designer: Lacey Kennedy
Costume Designer: Erin Fuller
Graphic Designer: Annie Mitchell
Sound Designer: Jenava Moreau
Stage Manager: Leah Short


Mollie Ralston – Rebecca Arnold
Giles Ralston – Josh Tarvin
Christopher Wren – Phillip Perez
Mrs. Boyle – Jenava Moreau
Major Metcalf – Martin Morales
Miss Casewell – Erin Fuller
Mr. Paravicini – Jeff Haynes II
Detective Sergeant Trotter – Andrew Charles Heim


Houston Hall – Curtain Operator
Brigitte Bridoux – Sound Board Operator
Lacey Kennedy – Light Board Operator
Grace Harnish – Wardrobe Crew Chief
Kristina Davenport – Wardrobe Crew
Richard Chen – Wardrobe Crew
Annie Mitchell – Stage Crew Chief
Lissa Malcom – Stage Crew
Colin Johnson – Stage Crew – Electrics
Catalina Ruiz – Props Run Crew
Danielle Stover – Box Office Manager