CAB brings fusion of comedy and poetry to campus with CoMeTrY

Release Date: 4/18/2012

University of the Ozarks Campus Activities Board (CAB) will bring CoMeTrY to campus for a night of energetic and thought-provoking entertainment.

CoMeTrY is a self-described fusion of comedy and poetry, created by artist-entertainers Ignatius "Iggy" Mwela and Chad Songy. The show combines Iggy's poetic rhythms with Chad's comedic outlook to create a whirlwind of emotion designed to teach and inspire individuals to laugh at life and be the best version of themselves.

The show will take place on Saturday, April 21, at 7 p.m. in the Rogers Conference Center. Join the adventure as CoMeTrY uses their unique form of mixed entertainment to address challenging questions like "Who am I?" and "What's my worth?"


Artist-entertainers Ignatius "Iggy" Mwela and Chad Songy use humor to teach and inspire.