Volume 7  Issue # 5
Monday, October 25, 2004

The President's Post
       In past issues Dr. Niece has mentioned that we are a unique and successful campus, and a couple of weekends ago we all had the opportunity to witness it.
   During Family Weekend, members of our campus community exhibited what the true Ozarks spirit is about. As family members came to campus, they were personally greeted by members of the Student Foundation Board and were not surprised to be welcomed by their names, since our warm hospitality is what distinguishes us here at Ozarks. The personal rapport that exists in our community continued to invade the environment throughout the weekend activities. The plays that our theater department produces are always a “must-see” as they are the result of myriad hours of work and effort. The Ozarks spirit kept rising early the next morning as our residence halls engaged in a competitive bed race, where more than likely something funny can happen. Who ever thought beds would end up astray? But there was still more.
   The family festivities continued as our different organizations put up their booths. It was awe-inspiring to see how much creativity was incorporated into the setting of the booths, ranging from the test marketing of Café Duran in the SIFE booth, to the Coffee House put up by the Golden Star Dancers, to the first place winner booth of the University Players. It is always great to receive rewards, but is indeed as satisfying to visit the booths and enjoy the blessing of being a member of this campus.
   Our alumni board members meeting happened to coincide with our family weekend activities, and it was a great chance to enhance the bonds of the past, present, and future. The International Festival held during the afternoon epitomized how the Ozarks spirit surpasses boundaries as we even had family members fly in from El Salvador. Of course, it is always a pleasure to end a day with a delicious meal at the Niece’s. We have all grown to be spoiled by their hospitality.
   Indeed, “Something was Brewing at Ozarks” during family weekend. Yes, it was the Ozarks spirit of unity, companionship, and love that was brewing on our campus. We should strive to continue brewing this spirit by acknowledging the great things we have and the great things that are to come.

Auxi Guerrero
SGA President

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