Volume 7  Issue # 13
Monday, March 28, 2005

The SGA President's Post

       As the time for graduation approaches and we enter the last phase of our spring semester, which for some of us will mark the end of our college career, many of us start reflecting about the changes that have occurred in our lives.
    Looking back at the individuals we were when we first came to this university and comparing it to who we are right now, makes us realize how much we have learned and how much we have grown in these four or five years. The spiritual growth that is promoted on this campus through the chapel services, the daily interaction with righteous people, and the observations of our various role models are what have helped us become better human beings.
   The various community services groups here on campus are also a great way to learn the importance of giving back to the community. Not only have we learned to help others, but by helping others we have learned to help ourselves. Of course, we cannot overlook the academic development that we have experienced through the relationships with our mentors and the internship opportunities that we are offered because of the well-known name of our school. Moreover, a significant part of our development are the opportunities we have to become leaders.
   U of O emphasizes the importance of servant leadership in which students learned to motivate and encourage others to excel in their particular areas of interest. Not only have these years prepared us to become skilled professionals and conscientious citizens, but we have also learned the significance and value of friendship. The advantage of being a small campus is that we have the chance to become so close to each other, creating bonds that last a lifetime.
   Dependability, reliability, and support are three words that characterize the true meaning of U of O friendships. In short, U of O is a place to learn to “be good and do good.” It is a place that fosters love and honesty and in turn encourages students to take what they learn here and use it in the real world. Regardless where life take us, we can all probably look back and say, “It was at U of O that I learned to be a great human being.”

Auxi Guerrero
SGA President

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