Volume 7  Issue # 12
Monday, March 7, 2005

The President's Post

       In a recent issue of the Campus Communiqué, I highlighted the campuswide strategies we are using to improve student retention and enhance success. Within a comprehensive model of enrollment management, retention and recruitment are equally important. In this issue I will address our admissions process and several things we are now doing differently.
   What are we currently doing to refine our approach to student recruitment and to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive market? That is an important question. As we have built next year’s budget on a projected enrollment of 640 students, with 260 of that number being students new to the campus, we must be proactive and cutting edge with recruitment.
   Under Jana Hart’s leadership, as Interim Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, the following strategies have become important components in the admissions process:
1. implementing a net revenue model to ensure the equitable distribution of institutional scholarships;
2. maintaining a specific tuition discount rate while, at the same time, being flexible for those potential students who are a good match for Ozarks but require additional funding;
3. using a more systematic and aggressive approach when processing and responding to online applications;
4. acting upon all applications – online and traditional – in a more timely manner;
5. forwarding information packets to potential students within five days of request;
6. appointing Deborah Sisson as Faculty-Admissions Liaison;
7. piloting a faculty feedback form for assessing the success of potential students;
8. strengthening the relationship between the Admissions Office and high school counselors.
   We are also seeking activities to bring additional groups of students onto campus, such as the recent Future Business Leaders of America conference and the upcoming math competition for high school students. As with retention, the recruitment of new students is a campuswide effort, especially when potential students and their families visit Ozarks. The more we stress a potential student’s good fit with Ozarks, the more successful we will be with retention. The two go hand-in-hand. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about recruiting and retention..

Dr. Rick Niece

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