Volume 4  Issue # 6
Monday, November 5, 2001

The President's Post
    I always say that a college education includes what happens inside and outside of the classroom. With that I mind, our students should be well educated by the time graduation rolls around. I continue to be amazed by the number of quality activities that occur in any given week on campus. Looking back to a couple of weeks ago provides a perfect example.
   Family Weekend offered a variety of Student Life and student led activities, and each event involved hours of work. The production of “The Glass Menagerie” was as professional as any I have ever seen on a college campus. Later in the week, Rev. Woodard and various faculty members sponsored a forum for our campus community to deal with the terrorism that has struck our country. The student panelists who were willing to share personally tragic experiences made this forum educational and meaningful.
   Phi Beta Lambda, a business organization, and the Executive Outreach Association co-hosted local business leaders to discuss how state, regional, and national businesses and industries have been affected economically by the recent events in our country. Students in Free Enterprise sponsored the Baldor “Executive in Residence” program. Speaker Mr. Don Soderquist, retired Vice President of Wal-Mart, informed the campus audience about his personal beliefs and various strategies necessary to ensure a successful career and prosperous life.
   Attending women and men’s soccer games has been a highlight this fall. While we cheer, we see only part of the hard work and time the student-athletes devote to their chosen sport. The maturity, drive, and dedication of students to be winners in the classroom as well as on the playing field are evident, and this occurs with the NCAA Division III non-athletic scholarship students. For the rest of our student body, the intramural program at Ozarks has many participants, is always well organized, and unbelievably competitive.
   If you did not attend the Vespers Service, or enjoy a repeat performance in Chapel by the Choir and Handbell Choir, you truly missed an outstanding performance. The musical talents on this campus amaze and inspire me. I feel blessed each time I hear their music.
   Within the limited space of this Communiqué, I cannot adequately cover the Career Fair, the Planet Club’s recycling efforts, or Habitat for Humanity building a house. Quality education, character development, community service, and active participation exist for all of us everyday at Ozarks. Please take advantage of the multitude of opportunities that are here for you. I get energized just writing about them!

Dr. Rick Niece


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