Volume 4  Issue # 10
Monday, February 5, 2001

The President's Post
    When safety of students and staff is always among my primary concerns at Ozarks, and I believe that we have made a number of changes on campus the past four years to ensure your well-being. Two areas paralleling campus still trouble me, however, and we are doing our best to make those as safe as possible: College Avenue (State Highway 103) and Johnson Street. Each roadway mixes a high level of pedestrian movement with heavy vehicle traffic, and that is a dangerous mix.

   Johnson Street now has flashing yellow lights to alert drivers, new crossing signage, and striped pedestrian walkways. The City of Clarksville generously assisted us with this important project. For those of you who drive on that street, please be aware of the speed limit!

   Last December, several of us met with three senior officials of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. As College Avenue is a State Highway, it is within their jurisdiction.Because of our campus expansion, building, and renovation, we have a dramatic increase in the numbers of people who walk back and forth daily across College Avenue, and we were seeking advice on how to make it a safer walk. As a result of our discussions, we will be adding flashing lights at both entry points to the campus, increasing the warning signage, repaving College Avenue, and making the pedestrian walkways more prominent.

   The State Highway officials requested that we eliminate parking on College Avenue due to the reduced visibility caused by the parked cars and students having to dart across the street from between those cars. To honor their request, we have posted “No Parking” signs in front of Cary-Wortz Hall and the tennis courts. I know that this will cause an inconvenience, especially since some of the parking on that part of the campus is being used for the construction of Walker Hall, but I am asking for your cooperation and patience with this. Next summer we will develop curbing and landscaped islands in front of Cary-Wortz Hall and the tennis courts. We are also designing plans to upgrade the parking around MacLean Hall and to make it as accessible and attractive as the Smith-King parking area.

   All of this is being done with your safety and well-being in mind. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Dr. Rick Niece

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