Volume 3   Issue # 9
Monday, January 5, 2001

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The President's Post

   Welcome back! I hope you were able to find warm weather during your holiday travels.
Those of you who left Arkansas during the break missed the second ice storm that glazed Clarksville and much of Arkansas. As with the first one, it was a doozy.

   The first storm during finals week was also severe. For many of you, all day Wednesday and Thursday morning of finals week were days off from work and tests. But for a brave and hearty few, it was not only work as usual: it was work in the unusual. Those people are the ones I want sincerely to thank.

   Dr. Caroline Whitson made it to her office on Wednesday and spent the day on the telephone answering questions, calling professors, and rescheduling finals. Because of her efforts, an awkward situation became manageable. Thanks also to the professors who made adjustments and special accommodations for their students. That personal touch and individual consideration make Ozarks truly unique.

   None of us could have gotten anywhere on campus without the Herculean efforts of our grounds, maintenance, and housekeeping staff. They were remarkable. With our safety and convenience in mind, they salted, shoveled, and scooped ice and snow; they sawed, chopped, and carried the multitude of ice-ladened branches littered throughout the campus. This dedicated group is often unrecognized for all that they do. Let’s change that. Please give them your praise when you see them. And how about the Aramark crew? They battled the weather and roads to get to the cafeteria to prepare our meals. Their extraordinary effort was for us. Please thank them as well.

   All of these behind-the-scenes individuals keep our campus running smoothly and efficiently, yet we often take them for granted. Let’s remember to appreciate them during the normal and abnormal times.

   On a personal note, I am sorry about the virused e-mail, before the break, that was sent to me, escaped from my computer, and landed randomly in several of yours. Even now this virus seems unwilling to die honorably, so do not open an e-mail from me that references “Presidents and FBI Files.” This is one time you cannot trust the president or the FBI!

Dr. Rick Niece


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