Volume 3   Issue # 15
Monday, April 23, 2001
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  The President's Post
  I love a number of things about my work at Ozarks. One benefit is the ability to travel and to share with others the good news about Ozarks and our students. Shereé and I recently returned from our annual trek to Central America. We traveled to Guatemala and Costa Rica with Dr. Ricky Casey and his wife, Lisa, to visit alumni, to meet new Walton Scholars, and to present seminars in each country. Mr. Don Soderquist, retired Senior Vice Chairman of the Wal-Mart Board of Directors, and his wife accompanied us. The trips to Central America are always interesting, inspiring, and educational.
   The Walton International Scholarship Program is a vital part of our campus. The Walton Scholars enhance Ozarks, and ultimately the lives of each of us, with their academic determination, spiritual exuberance, cultural enrichment, and much needed diversity. The difference they make after graduation, when they return home, is remarkable. What our graduates have learned from us at Ozarks is multiplied ten-fold in Central America through their professional careers and community service. What we learn from all of them is incalculable.
   The alumni we talked with in Central America wanted us to say hello to many of you. They miss Ozarks and the campus community, and they want to be remembered. They will always carry a piece of Ozarks in their hearts. Following are the names of the alumni we visited:

Luis Tamayac ’99   Icoquih Mendez ‘93
Mario Garcia ’98   Lester Alvarado ‘93
Luis Portillo ’98   Fabolio Asturias De Bonifari ‘92
Luis Colomenares ’94   Miguel Sagastume ‘91
Gabby Colomenares ’94   Rochy Arce ‘91
Yanhina Mendez ’94   Gabby Priego (current student)
Brenda Solaras '94    
Costa Rica    
Silvia Arias ’00   Harold Villalobos ’99
Ana Pacheco ’98   Gabby Araus ’96
Sergio Aleman ’95   Anaballa Arce ’91
Francisco Drummond ’90    

Dr. Rick Niece

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