Volume 3   Issue # 1
Monday, August 28, 2000

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  The President's Post
Welcome! It is great to have the campus alive with activity again. I always look forward to this time and having everyone back. I hope that you are excited and ready as well. The challenges of a new year lie ahead for all of us. This will be another extraordinary year for Ozarks.
    I want to thank several groups and individuals for their roles in preparing us for the beginning of a new academic year. Orientation 2000, “The Real World — Ozarks Style,” was amazingly creative, organized, and well received by parents and new students. Shereč and I enjoyed everything we attended. A special thanks to: Eric Steinmiller, Student Foundation President, and the Student Foundation members; Brian Owens, Student Government Association President; the Residence Assistants; and the Peer Mentors. These students came back to campus several days early to prepare for the orientation and the arrival of our new students. Please extend your appreciation to them as well.
    A sincere thank you as well to Sherrie Arey, Joe Hoing, and all members of the Student Life staff — Sarah Clary, Bo Funderburk, Jacqui Spiller and Claudia Granger — for their leadership, dedication, and long hours of preparation. This staff is a perfect example of service to others.
    I also appreciate the efforts of Dr. Caroline Whitson and the Faculty Mentors who made certain that our new students and their parents felt welcomed to the campus and informed about our academic standards and requirements. The Mentors Program is an important reason for our success, and this year’s revised format will make it an even more effective learning experience.
    This campus is focused on students and their success, and Orientation 2000 demonstrated that focus and our commitment. Good luck, new students, we are glad to welcome you into the campus family.

Dr. Rick Niece

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