Volume 2   Issue # 8   
Monday, December 6, 1999

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The President's Post

We want
to extend to you our best
wishes for a joyous holiday season
and a New Year filled with good health
and abundant happiness. The events of the past
two and one-half years have produced a flurry of
blessings, and God’s grace continues to shine upon this
University and all of us. We are privileged to be a part of this
exceptional campus community. Your belief in us and our
vision for this campus honors us, and our success is a result of
the sincere patience, support, and encouragement we receive
from you. Although we try to show our appreciation as often as
possible, we know that we do not express it nearly enough. Our
gratitude may be unspoken, but it is never unfelt. We hope that
this holiday season is truly extraordinary for you and your
loved ones. You reward us with your friendship
and bless us with your graciousness.
Happy Holidays!
Rick & Shereé

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