Volume I  Issue # 2   
Monday, September 14, 1998

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The President's Post

    There are several aspects of this University that make us unique as a campus community. These are characteristics that set us apart and make us different from other campuses. Included within that difference is our sense of hospitality and service. We are a campus community that extends hospitality and service to others. Hospitality and service must continue to be words that define us as a university.
I have tried, since my arrival on campus last year, to be an example for others and to set the standard. I will continue that hospitality this year. Every Monday and Friday will again be “Donut, Muffin, and Bagel Morning” in the President’s Office. I say “morning” because if you do not stop in early, there might not be any left! Remember, also, that every day we have coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and cider available. This hospitality is extended to everyone on campus, so be certain to come by, indulge, and say hello.
This is a simple gesture, but I know that it is a well-appreciated gesture. What might you do for others on campus that is something a little extra? Think about it.

Rick Niece, Ph.D.

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