Volume I  Issue # 14   
Monday, April 19, 1999

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The President's Post

   A number of exciting things are happening at Ozarks, and the master planning process is one of them. For the past five months, a committee of twenty-six people has conducted regular meeetings to discuss plans for new and renovated buildings, student housing and recreational facilities, and the campus design and future needs. In essence, we are planning what this University will look like during the next twenty-five years. Quite a formidable task.
   I want to keep you informed as much as possible. We have made significant progress up to this point. This summer we will completely remodel the interior of King Hall. Included in that makeover will be: new furniture for all rooms and common areas; new air handler units for all rooms; new vanities, fixtures, and stalls for all bathrooms; new carpet and tile for the rooms, hallways, bathrooms and common areas; repainting interior walls, doors, and ceilings; and new lever-handle hardware for the doors. Next January we will tackle Smith Hall, and the following year it is on to MacLean. We want to work on the residence hall interiors first and then the building exteriors. One major objective is to keep the inconvenience to students as minimal as possible.
   We are also discussing several other major projects. Included are designs for student garden-style and townhouse apartments, suggestions for a recreation/wellness center, remodeling of the Mabee Physical Education Building, and options for Hurie Hall. These are all in the conceptual stage, so don't let the rumor mill distort discussion into fact!
   At the Board of Trustee meeting in May, we will present the Master Plan to the Board members. I invite you to attend the meeting. A Master Plan is always a "work in progress," so the discussion should be lively. You may want to add your two cents (or two million dollars) worth.
   Following is a list of the Master Plan Committee members. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about what we are discussing, please contact one of the members. The plan, ultimately, belongs to all of us.

Sherrie Arey
Alvin Broyles (BOT)
Jane Cater
Steve Edmisten
Andrew Engelbrecht
Julia Frost
Lee Garrison
Elizabeth Gomez
John Jones
Pete Grant (BOT)
Randy Hilton
Jack Jones
Josh Johnson
Roy Johnson (BOT)
Rick Niece
Sheree Niece
Jack Phillips (BOT)
Brian Owens
Diane Pohlmeier
David Strain
Matt Young
Caroline Whitson
Aaron Windel
Jeannett Willis
Darrell Williams, chair
Sherry Wilson

Rick Niece, Ph.D.

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