Volume I  Issue # 10   
Monday, February 15, 1999

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The President's Post

   In an issue of the "Communiqué" last semester, I wrote about the significance of our Tuesday Chapel services and described the historic Munger Chapel. The Chapel stands as the symbol of faith and worship on our campus. There is one other aspect of the Chapel and our services that merits special comment: our Reuter pipe organ, the "Great Hosanna."
The three-manual "Great Hosanna" provides inspiring music with a powerful, majestic voice.    The organ was designed and built specifically for Munger Chapel. Quite a wonder, this organ of ours, and it is among the grandest in the southwest. Completed in 1991, the "Great Hosanna" has 2,269 pipes, 30 stops, 39 ranks, and four divisions: Great, Swell, Choir, and Pedal. I do not know much about the complexity of pipe organs, but each time I hear the "Great Hosanna" being played, I am truly awestruck. Our campus organist, Dr. Sharon Gorman, is masterful, and I look forward to hearing her music each Tuesday. Sharon is a gifted musician.
   Three CD's have been recorded in Munger Chapel, and several more are being planned. Dr. Joan Dixon is a former University of the Ozarks' organist, and the CD she recorded last year with the Emmanuel Brass, "Psalms: The Lord's My Shepherd," is in its second release. Joan and the Emmanuel Brass recorded a second CD, "Psalms II: I Lift My Eyes to the Hills," that is now available to the public.
   Over the past few years, Dr. Alvin C. Broyles -- alumnus, honorary lifetime Board of Trustee member, and one of the University's true friends -- has expended a great deal of time, energy, and resources to provide us with the "Great Hosanna" and to maintain the organ's excellent condition. His mission is one of love and respect for the "Great Hosanna," and his message for all of us, current and future generations, is to enjoy the organ's myriad of inspirational voices. Dr. Broyles' generosity and reverence for music are a blessing to all of us.

Rick Niece, Ph.D.

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