Dr. Sharon Gorman, University Organist

Dr. Sharon Gorman

Dr. Sharon Gorman joined the Ozarks music faculty in 1996. Her love of learning played a major role in her decision to become a university professor. She says, "I love learning -- and not just in my field, music, but in art, history, psychology, and literature -- and there is no better way to keep learning myself than to teach!"

Having lived in California for several years prior to her move to Arkansas, Dr. Gorman says that while the change in temperature was quite a shock, the move to Ozarks has been a wonderful experience. Speaking of Ozarks, she says, "I enjoy the small classes and close-knit faculty. I have opportunity here to really get to know my students and colleagues. In larger places it is too easy for a student to become a faceless number."

Dr. Gorman says she finds inspiration in anything that is beautiful, whether a work of art, a piece of music, a well-written story, a well-acted drama or a spectacular sunset -- she is a person of many varied interests. This is reflected in the types of activities she is involved at the University.

During weekly assemblies in Munger-Wilson Memorial Chapel, you're likely to find Dr. Gorman at the keyboard of the University's three-manual Reuter organ, one of the finest organs in the region. She also sponsors the University's Photography Club and is the faculty director for the Freshman Mentor Program.

In her spare time, Dr. Gorman enjoys many different hobbies. She says, "I enjoy reading of all types, especially science fiction/fantasy." She also says she enjoys movies with music by John Williams, of Star Wars fame. Some of her other interests include vegetarian cooking, landscape photography, and hiking in a wide variety of terrains, including ocean-side, mountain and desert. Her interest in photography and hiking naturally intersect; a number of her photographs have been featured in exhibitions at the University's Walton Fine Arts Center.