Cameron Coker, Chapel Intern

Cameron Coker, a junior history major from Russellville, Ark., is currently serving as chapel intern. Cameron is president of Presbyterian Campus Ministries, as well as President of the Young Democrats organization.

The intern assists the University Chaplain in worship by setting up the Chapel prior to worship, and serving during worship as liturgist, by leading prayers, etc. The intern also operates the sound board, regulates the temperature in the chapel, helps out by "fetching & carrying," and generally serves as the eyes and ears of the Chaplain. It is the intern's job to ensure the worship time is comfortable for everyone in attendance and that everyone is prepared.

During potluck gatherings in the chapel, the intern also sets up Angell Hall and coordinates activities in that area. Duties also include assisting with the business meeting and worship service when the Arkansas Presbytery meets here on campus.