Eleanor Clift visits Strawberry Bluff

Photo submitted by Dr. Doug Jeffries on 9/17/2012.

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Last week, renowned political columnist Eleanor Clift visited Ozarks to talk about the 2012 elections and end of life issues. Her visit was sponsored through a joint program by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

And while she was here, some of the students and faculty involved in the Ozarks Outdoors program couldn't pass up a chance to show her some of what makes Arkansas such a special place. Lauren Ray, Planet Club President, arranged a trip to take Ms. Clift to Stawberry Bluff for an afternoon hike.

"She calls this picture 'Eleanor and her Sherpas,'" Dr. Jeffries said, "as the 'guys' helped her down the hill from the road to the bluffs."

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