Field trip to Saatchi & Saatchi X Worldwide

Photo submitted by Eric Leon on 5/14/2012.

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Several students from Ms. Sisson's marketing research class and many other marketing juniors were invited on a field trip to visit Saatchi & Saatchi X Worldwide in Springdale, AR, one of the world's leaders in Shopper Marketing. The students were able to see the difference between being a "consumer" and becoming a "shopper." The students pictured are the following:

  • Grace Amador
  • Jose Carranza
  • Alex Chandler
  • Ivan Chavez
  • Maria Diaz
  • Zach Doty
  • Belkys Fuentes
  • Morgan Goates
  • Sharon Hurtarte
  • Hidenobu Kameya
  • Lindsey Kellaway
  • Andrea Lagos
  • Mario Lopez
  • Naima Lopez
  • Katherine Miller
  • Brittany Puerto
  • Stephanie Tillman