Happy Birthday!

Photos submitted by Vinnie Tran and Stuart Stelzer on 3/26/2012.

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On Monday, March 26, the Ozarks campus celebrated the 70th birthday of Ozarks Library Technician, Janice Blackard.

Stuart Stelzer, Library Director, perhaps summed it up best in his email invitation to come wish Janice a happy birthday:

Unlike the peoples of numerous traditional cultures, many in the U.S. often seem naturally and especially devoted to the obvious grace and force of youth – but awkward and hesitant in valuing the subtler powers and deeper beauties of age.

There is one among us today, however, who recognizes and celebrates with gratitude the wondrous value of the gift of age. She is one who has traveled with determination through thirty-six years of faithful service to all who arrive on this campus to learn, and although she still intends to complete three more months of that service before she enters retirement, today she has reached a special milestone in her sojourn.

If you have opportunity and are so inclined, please drop by the library workroom (behind the circulation desk) between 3:00 and 4:30 this afternoon to share her gratitude (and a piece of cake), to offer your congratulations, and to join in awe at a quiet miracle begun in Johnson County, Arkansas, three score and ten years ago.

Janice Blackard is seventy today.