Wrangle Case Competition

Photo submitted by Eric Leon on 11/3/2008.

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On Saturday, October 18, our U of O SIFE team competed in the 2008 Walgreens Wrangle Case Competition held in Magnolia, Arkansas, placing 1st as Champions and receiving a cash prize!

Our participating students were Josue Lanza, Claudia Aguero, Zach Almager, Marivi Davila, Juan Paz, Jorge Linares, and Daniela Chavarria, each one contributing over 36 hours of hard work and professionalism.

There were 12 SIFE teams competing (such as LSU, University of Alabama, John Brown University, University of Arkansas, West Texas A & M), which were divided into leagues of 3 and only four teams passed to the final round (U of O, University of Alabama, West Texas A & M, and Northwest Ark Community College).

The marketing case was presented by the well known Schwan’s Food Company and involved analyzing specific market segments in order to propose a better product placement strategy for their home delivery product line. In other words, they were asking us how to sell more Schwan's products in areas of the United States that reported low sales of such products.

After our presentation, I was amazed to see (and hear) how other SIFE teams complimented and praised the quality and complexity of the overall material presented by our students to Schwan’s. The host companies (Walgreens, Finish Line, Schwan’s) were so impressed that they even offered job opportunities right away to our team. Overall, it was an incredible opportunity for our students and a fun event as well.

If you see them during the course of next week, please make sure to congratulate them. They have experienced first hand what can be accomplished with hard work and 36+ hours of sleep deprivation.

Eric Leon
International Studies Office