PBL National Leadership Conference

Photo submitted by Cynthia Lanphear on 7/7/2008.

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Greetings all!

Please join me in congratulating the following students for their recent performance at the Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.  

This conference includes students from all across the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands and this year, there was a very noticeable difference in the difficulty level of the academic testing and performance criteria standards.  Because of the extreme competition, these students worked exceptionally hard to win these national awards.  Also, as corporate sponsorships increase within this organization, our students were able to bring home “cold, hard, cash” approximating $2,000. 

As many of us already know, when students compete on the National level, and succeed, they realize and appreciate the quality and value of an Ozarks education.  We are very proud, again this year, of our student competitors and their professional representation of their University.

Management Concepts

1st Place

Marivi Davila



Juan Paz



Geral Vasquez

Future Business Teacher

2nd Place

Diana Aguierra

Largest Local Chapter - Professional Members

2nd Place


Information Management

3rd Place

Marivi Davila

American Enterprise Project

4th Place

Judith Lopez



KZ Inyama

Business Decision Making

5th Place

Huy Do



Pablo Rivera



Laura Hoffman




International Business

5th Place

Marcos Melendez

Parliamentary Procedure

5th Place

Daniela Bermudez



KZ Inyama

Accounting Analysis & Decision Making

6th Place

Huy Do

Management Concepts

9th Place

David Rivas



Martha Vasquez



Valerie Petty