Important Dates in the Accreditation Process

Important dates for the upcoming Higher Learning Commission Accreditation process are listed below.

The site team visit took place on October 22-24, 2012.

  • April 2010: President launches self-study process, appoints the self-study coordinator and chair of the Steering Committee; self-study goals set
  • April 2010: VPAA and coordinator attend the HLC annual meeting in Chicago
  • August-October 2010: Steering Committee selection
  • October-December 2010: Creation of sub-committee membership
  • January 2011: Introduce faculty to self-study process
  • April 2011: Introduce the Board to the self-study process/Academic Activities
  • April 2011: Steering Committee and VPAA attend the HLC annual meeting in Chicago
  • September 2011: Coordinator to attend the regional conference on the future accreditation process (named Pathways), St. Louis
  • October 2011: Updates on more trustee involvement in the process
  • October 2011: Host on campus HLC representative Dr. Mary Breslin
  • November 2011: Update University Senate on process
  • May 2011-February 2012: Conduct details of the self-study (document findings, regular and consistent meetings of Steering Committee and sub-committees, chapter drafting)
  • January late, 2012: Complete drafts/outlines of the self-study
  • February 2012: Present chapter highlights to the Board at retreat; present same drafts to campus community
  • Spring 2012: revisions to the self-study; prepare resource room for the team visit; begin preparations for the team visit; final draft posted and submitted
  • October 22-24, 2012: Host site team visit
  • Fall 2012: Final draft to Board
  • Spring 2013: Evaluation team feedback; long term plan for next re-affirmation