The Self-Study Process Committees

The self-study process is structured on the criteria for accreditation as outlined by the Higher Learning Commission. Each criterion has a dedicated subcommittee comprised of broad campus representation (staff, faculty, and a trustee). Federal compliance is represented by professional staff. In order to ensure broad campus representation, we have an advisory board made up of various campus constituencies.

The North Central Steering Committee (appointed fall 2010): Elissa Heil (chair), Karen Jones, Dave Daily, Sharon Gorman, Greta Marlow, Bill Doria, Randy Peterson, Nathan Sain.

North Central Subcommittees

The North Central Subcommittees were arranged in fall 2010 and are structured under the criteria for accreditation and federal compliance, chaired by members of the Steering Committee, members from all campus areas.

Criterion One: Mission and Integrity - Karen Jones (chair), Debbie Carlton, Stewart Dippel, Phyllis Johnson, Matt Myers, Reba Pridgin, Judy Boreham.

Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future - Dave Daily (chair), Lou Chapman, Jimmy Clark, Steve Edmisten, Jana Hart, Brian Hull, Frank Knight, Jeff Scaccia, Mikael Lindström, Harve Taylor.

Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching - Sharon Gorman (chair), Felicia Atkinson, Larry Isch, Steve Oatis, Dody Pelts, Stuart Stelzer, Dan Taddie, Sue Tull.

Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge - Greta Marlow (chair), Bill Clary, Sean Coleman, Brandy Cox, Patrick Morgan, Gilbert Parks, Kimberly Spicer, Chris Allen.

Criterion Five: Engagement and Service - Bill Doria, (chair), Nancy Benson-Nicol, Rickey Casey, Janie Chappell, Brian Hardman, Dawn Dvoracek, Jim Bruning.

Federal Compliance - Randy Peterson (chair), Sherrie Arey, Wilma Harris, Jana Hart, Larry Isch.

An Advisory Board - Administrative Council (which includes Academic Council and President's Staff), the Chaplain, Director of the Library, the Board of Trustees, students.