Alma Mater

The University of the Ozarks "Alma Mater" was written in 1928 by Rev. John W. Laird, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Rochester, New York.

President Hurie and his wife took Rev. Laird on a picnic up on Ozone Mountain. He was very impressed with the beauty of the scenery. On the drive home, Dr. Hurie talked about how much the college needed an Alma Mater; several songs had been written but they didn't seem exactly right. Rev. Laird composed a song before he reached Clarksville and the student body accepted it as their "Alma Mater" song in 1928-29.

University of the Ozarks Alma Mater

Where the eagle builds her aerie
On the hill top high,
Nobly stands our Alma Mater
Pointing to the sky.

Ozarks, Ozarks, home we love,
Loud thy praises be,
We, thy faithful sons and daughters,
Pledge our loyalty.

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater
Torch of truth and light,
Guardian of the nation’s honor,
Emblem of her might.


When thy gold and purple banner
Calls o’er land and sea
On the wings of love’s devotion
We’ll come back to thee.