Green Tips

This year the Environmental Sustainability Committee will send out a number of GREEN TIPs throughout the academic year. Each of us can make a difference by changing our habits. Several small steps can sometimes add up to a big change.

Green Tip for 12/9/2011: Tips for a Greener Holiday

Looking for tips to make this holiday season a little greener? These tips will help make an imprint on your carbon footprint and on your pocketbook!

  1. Send your greetings through email or e-cards, reuse the front of the holiday greeting cards you received last year!
  2. Use reusable dinnerware for your holiday parties.
  3. Give gifts of time to your family members - like babysitting for your niece and nephew, or helping Mom clean up the dishes after your meals.
  4. Use recycled wrapping paper for gifts or use comics from the newspaper or cutouts of magazines to wrap gifts.
  5. Reuse and recycle the packaging that your gifts come in this year.
  6. Purchase an artificial tree or buy a live tree that you can watch grow year round!

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