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Parking Policy

There are no reserved parking spaces on the Ozarks campus, with the exception of handicap parking, and parking reservations during special events. However, all members of the campus community are expected to follow the campus parking policies and be respectful of others in using campus parking.

Map of Campus Parking

Designated parking areas

Parking Decals

You must have a parking permit if you keep a vehicle on campus. Parking permits cost $5 for students, and are available for purchase in the Student Life Office.

If you do not purchase and display a parking permit for your vehicle, your vehicle will be ticketed and you may face additional fines and possible disciplinary action. If you are using a car on campus temporarily, you may obtain a free temporary parking permit from the Student Life Office.

Handicap Parking

Some parking spaces are reserved for handicapped drivers and campus visitors. If you park in these reserved spaces or in designated no-parking zones, your car will be ticketed and may be towed at your expense.

Parking Tickets

All tickets must be paid within 30 days. A service charge of $10 is added to each ticket not paid within 30 days, and the fine and ticket cost will be added to your account in the university business office.

If you receive more than three tickets in a semester, you may be required to meet with the Dean of Students. Repeated violations or failure to move a vehicle from a restricted area may result in the towing of your vehicle -- at your expense. Students may face additional disciplinary action. Faculty and staff will have their supervisor notified by the Dean of Students.

Fees for Parking Violations

No parking decal $10
Reckless Driving $15
Double Parking/Blocking $25
Parking in a no parking area $30
Parking in visitor parking $25
Parking on grass or sidewalk $25
Parking in a disabled parking area $50
Parking in a fire zone $50