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Distribution Requirements in the Area of Social Science and Social Analysis

Required: 6 credit hours in Social Science / Social Analysis, distributed as follows. (ISO 2, 3 [social science])

Criteria for courses in this area:

Courses that fulfill the Social Science requirement:

BSA 3013Legal Environment of Business I
BSA 3223Legal Environment of Business II
BSA 4003Business Finance
BSE 3203Economics for Elementary Teachers
COM 1013Interpersonal Communication
COM 2083Small Group Discussion
COM 3183Research Methods and Writing
COM 4313Public Relations Principles
ECN 2003Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN 2013Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 3003International Political Economy
ECN 3103Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECN 3203Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECN 3303Money and Banking
ECN 3313Current Economic Issues
ECN 3323Managerial Economics
ECN 3333Labor Economics
ECN 4003International Law and Organization
ECN 4013International Trade Law and Policy
ECN 4213Comparative Economic Systems
EDU 1003Theories of Human Learning
ENS 1013Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENS 3033Environment, Natural Resources, and Community
GEO 2023Regional Geography
GEO 2033Human/Cultural Geography
GEO 2043Physical Geography
HIS 4333Comparative Topics in History
MGT 2003Survey of Management
MGT 3103Human Resource Management
MGT 3123Supervisory Management
MGT 3203Organizational Behavior
MGT 4003Management Seminar
MGT 4013Business Strategy
MGT 4023International Management
MGT 4223Organizational Theory
MKT 1003Marketing Concepts
MKT 3103Consumer Behavior
MKT 3133Hospitality Marketing
MKT 3203Product Strategies
MKT 4113Promotion Strategies
MKT 4213International Marketing
MKT 4313Public Relations
MKT 4323Persuasion Theory
PLS 1003Introduction to Political Science
PLS 2013American National Government
(if a History course was taken to
fulfill Civic Awareness requirement)
PLS 2023State and Local Politics
PLS 2033International Relations
PLS 3003International Political Economy
PLS 3013Comparative Political Regimes and Ideologies
PLS 3043Public Policy
PLS 3053American Constitutional Law and Thought I
PLS 4003International Law and Organization
PLS 4013International Trade Law and Policy
PLS 4023Public Administration
PLS 4033Contemporary Political and Legal Philosophy
PLS 4053American Constitutional Law and Thought II
PSYAll of the catalog courses
PSY 2783/4783SS: Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY 2783/4783SS: The Psychology of Criminal Behavior
RTV 1023Introduction to Mass Communication
SCM 1003Introduction to Rhetoric and Social Influence
SCM 3033Persuasion Theory
SCM 4013Political Communication
SCM 4313Public Relations Principles
SOC 1013Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2013Social Problems
SOC 2023Social Research Methods
SOC 3033Environment, Natural Resources, and Community
SOC 3073Race, Class, and Gender
SOC 3083Sociology of Deviant Behavior

Previously offered courses that fulfill this requirement:

BSA 3053 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BSA 4303 Business Ethics
COM 1023 Introduction to Mass Communication
COM 3033 Persuasion Theory
COM 4013 Political Communication
GEO 2013 Cultural Geography
MGT 4213 Managerial Communication

Courses that fulfill the Social Analysis requirement:

EDU 3133Education and the Growth of the American Republic
EDU 3143 Philosophy of Education
HIS 1783 SS: China and the Modern World
HIS 2113American History I
HIS 2123American History II
HIS 2783/4783 SS: Latin American Civilization
HIS 2783/4783 SS: Medieval History on Film
HIS 2783/4783 SS: The City in History
HIS 2783/4783 SS: World War II on Film
HIS 2783/4783 SS: The United States in Vietnam and Iraq
HIS 2783/4783 SS: 20th Century British History on Film
HIS 2783/4783 SS: History of the American West
HIS 2783/4783 SS: The American Revolution
HIS 3003Arkansas History
HIS 3113Colonial America
HIS 3123Civil War & Reconstruction
HIS 3213 British History I
HIS 3223British History II
HIS 3313History of India
HIS 3983 The French Revolution
HIS 3983 The Fall of Rome and the Rise of Europe
HIS 3983 The Great War
HIS 4133American Frontier
HIS 4143Twentieth Century America
HIS 4203Antiquity and Middle Ages
HIS 4213Early Modern Europe
HIS 4223Revolutionary Europe
HIS 4233Twentieth Century Europe
HIS 4313Survey of Russian History and Culture
HIS 4783 SS: Sports in Modern American History
PHL 3073 History of Political Thought I
PHL 3083 History of Political Thought II
PLS 3073History of Political Thought I
PLS 3083History of Political Thought II
REL 4003Religion in Late Antiquity
SOC 4023Social Theory
SPN 3123Latin American Civilization