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Distribution Requirements in the Area of Literature

Required: One course (3 credit hours) in literature (ISO 2,3[humanities])

Criteria for courses in this area:

Courses that fulfill this requirement:

ENG 2003 Introduction to Literature
ENG 2013Themes in Literature
ENG 2103 Classical Literature
ENG 3113 Romantic Literature
ENG 3123 Victorian Literature
ENG 3213 American Romanticism
ENG 3223 American Realism
ENG 3233 Modern American Literature
ENG 3243 Contemporary Literature
ENG 4053Shakespeare (so long as significant attention is paid to the sonnets)
ENG 4123 Chaucer
ENG 4133 16th Century Literature
ENG 4163 Milton
ENG 4173 Restoration and 18th Century Literature
ENG 4783 SS: Beowulf and Old English Literature
SPN 4213 Mexican Literature
SPN 4223 Central American Literature
SPN 4233 Caribbean Literature
SPN 4243 Andean Literature

Previously offered courses that fulfill this requirement:

ENG 2113 World Literature I
ENG 2123 World Literature II
ENG 3033 British Literature I
ENG 3043 British Literature II
ENG 3053 American Literature I
ENG 3063 American Literature II
SPN 4023 Mexican & Central American Literature
SPN 4783 SS: Andean Literature