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Distribution Requirements in the Area of Global Awareness

Required: Complete one of the following four options (0-6 credit hours). (ISO 3, 4)

  1. Complete one year (or the equivalent) of a modern foreign language** (4-6 credit hours).
  2. Complete an Ozarks Abroad course (3 credit hours).
  3. Complete a study or internship abroad of at least five weeks (0-3 credit hours).
  4. Complete a course in global awareness from the list below (3 credit hours).

**Individual programs determine any specific foreign language requirements for their graduates. Those requirements, if any, are listed under the various major requirements in the catalog.

Criteria for courses in this area:

Courses that fulfill the Global Awareness requirement (option 4 above):

ART 4783 SS: Renaissance & Baroque Italy
ECN 3003International Political Economy
ECN 4003International Law and Organization
ECN 4013International Trade Law and Policy
ECN 4213Comparative Economic Systems
GEO 2023 Regional Geography
GEO 2033 Human/Cultural Geography
HIS 1783SS: China and the Modern World
HIS 2783/4783SS: Latin American Civilization
HIS 2783/4783SS: The City in History
HIS 2783/4783SS: The United States in Vietnam and Iraq
HIS 2783/4783SS: 20th Century British History on Film
HIS 3213British History I
HIS 3223British History II
HIS 3313History of India
HIS 3983The French Revolution
HIS 3983The Great War
HIS 4203Antiquity and Middle Ages
HIS 4213Early Modern Europe
HIS 4223Revolutionary Europe
HIS 423320th Century Europe
HIS 4313Survey of Russian History and Culture
HIS 4333Topics in Comparative History
HUM 2783/4783SS: Australian Culture
HUM 2783/4783SS: London After Dark - Study Abroad
MGT 4023International Management
MKT 4213International Marketing
PHL 2073Hinduism and Buddhism
PLS 2033International Relations
PLS 3003International Political Economy
PLS 3013Comparative Political Regimes and Ideologies
PSY 2783/4783SS: Cross-Cultural Psychology
REL 2073Hinduism and Buddhism
REL 4003Religion in Late Antiquity
SPN 3123Latin American Civilization

Previously offered courses that fulfill this requirement:

GEO 2013 Cultural Geography
MUS 2783/4783SS: World Music