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Distribution Requirements in the Area of Fine Arts

Required: A total of 3 credit hours of fine arts courses (ISO 2,3[fine arts])

Criteria for courses in this area:

Courses that fulfill this requirement:

ART 1013 Basic Design
ART 2003Photography
ART 2013Basic Drawing I
ART 2033Ceramics I
ART 2053Painting I
ART 2073Sculpture I
ART 2093Watercolor
ART 2113Art History I
ART 2123Art History II
ART 2203Printmaking I
ART 4093 History of Modern Art
COM 2783 SS: Introduction of Oral Interpretation
HUM 2783/4783 SS: Hollywood Director's Visions
HUM 3123Medieval World
HUM 3133Renaissance and Baroque
HUM 3143Classicism and Romanticism
HUM 3153World of the 20th Century
MUS 3003 Movie Music Studies
MUS 3013 Themes in Film Music
MUS 3124Medieval World
MUS 3134Renaissance and Baroque
MUS 3144Classicism and Romanticism
MUS 3154World of the Twentieth Century
All applied music studio lessons (piano, organ, voice), piano/voice classes, and ensembles are eligible as well, but, in order to receive distribution credit, you must enroll in three terms of that activity and participate in all scheduled performances.
PHL 3133/3134 Philosophy and Art
RTV 2093 The Art of Watching Film
RTV 3203 Documentary Film and Video
THR 1013Introduction to Theatre
THR 1033Fundamentals of Design
THR 1111-4111
THR 1112-4112
THR 1113-4113
Play Production*
THR 2013 Fundamentals of Acting
THR 2033 The Great Broadway Musical
THR 2783 SS: Introduction to Playwriting
THR 3013 Theatre History I
THR 3023 Theatre History II
THR 3073 Modern American Drama

*To receive distribution credit for Play Production, you must complete three units. You may either (1) enroll for 3 credit hours during one term and specialize in one area, (2) earn 3 credit hours one unit at a time spread over three semesters, or (3) complete 2 credit hours during one semester and 1 credit hour during another semester.

Previously offered courses that fulfill this requirement:

ART 4783 SS: Renaissance and Baroque Italy
COM 2093 The Art of Watching Film
COM 3203 Documentary Film
ENG/THR 4783 SS: Survey of 20th Century American Drama
HUM 3113 Ancient World
MUS 1003 Music Appreciation
MUS 2783/4783 Special Studies in these areas: All That Jazz, Broadway Musicals, Music & the Science Fiction Film, Popular Music, Sacred Music, The Symphony, The Music of Fantasy Films, The Music of Star Wars, World Music
MUS 3114 Ancient World
THR 2783 SS: The Great Broadway Musical