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Distribution Requirements

Distribution requirements are designed to be taken throughout the four years in which you're working toward your degree. They provide breadth of exposure to a range of disciplinary methodologies and content, and offer more choices within areas. They also provide you and your advisor the flexibility to customize your educational program, while ensuring the breadth of understanding characteristic of the liberally educated person who is prepared for the career of his or her choice.

One or more requirements in a distribution might be fulfilled through one or more appropriate courses in the major and/or minor -- a practice known as "double-dipping." Because of this, the net total of "pure" distribution hours will vary according to your major(s), minor(s), and the particular choices you make within the different options. Double-dipping is permitted only between courses listed simultaneously in the distribution and in majors and minors. Some distribution courses appear on lists in more than one distribution area. In these cases, you are required to choose in advance which distribution requirement a given course will fulfill. In other words, you may not fulfill two or more distribution requirements with a single course.

Distribution Areas

  1. Literature
  2. Fine Arts
  3. Religion
  4. Physical Education and Wellness
  5. Civic Awareness
  6. Social Science and Social Analysis
  7. Natural Science and Mathematics
  8. Global Awareness