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Core Requirements

Core courses (21 credit hours) are designed to be taken during the first and second years, develop critical skils, provide a context for advanced study, and offer limited options. They provide a common base for all Ozarks students.

The Intended Student Outcomes (ISOs) associated with each core course are shown in parenthesis.

IND 1003Critical Inquiry (ISO 2,4)
COM 1003Basic Oral Communication (ISO 1)
ENG 1013, 1213Composition I, II (ISO 1)
MTH 1033College Algebra (or a higher-level mathematics course) (ISO 2,3[math])
HIS 2013, 2023
HUM 2013, 2023
World Civilization I, II
Humanities I, II (ISO 2,3[humanities])

Note: The Critical Inquiry requirement is waived for students with transfer credit of 24 semester hours or more. Students with transfers of less than 24 semester hours may petition the vice president for academic affairs for a waiver of the Critical Inquiry requirement.