Campus Security Information

The safety and well being of every individual at Ozarks is of utmost importance. Planning for emergencies is a high priority and we continue to expand and update our emergency response plan.

The primary goals of the Ozarks emergency response plan are to:

  • Protect and preserve life;
  • Secure and protect property and facilities;
  • Ensure the continuation of the educational mission, campus programs, and general operations;
  • Ease and restore all normal campus operations post-emergency.

If a major emergency occurs, the University will activate the campus emergency response plan and provide up-to-date information to the campus community. However, remember that each member of the Ozarks campus community is also responsible for being prepared in the event of crisis.

Campus Emergency Notification

During emergencies or severe weather situations, emergency information may be communicated by any or all of these methods:

  • EAGLE ALERT notification by text messaging, e-mail, and website notices
  • Reverse 911 - Division and area office phones will receive a voice message EAGLE ALERT
  • Direct Notification - public address system, phone contact, door-to-door
  • Emergency Alert Systems - fire alarms or Civil Service Alarm System
  • Regional Media Outlets